My Longest MRT Ride

Occurred: Nov 10, 2010
Written: Nov 11, 2010

9 PM. MRT Mantrade Station on my home from work. I think I’ll ride going to Taft station para mag-LRT. 9:30 PM is LRT’s last trip. Makakahabol pa. Nice.

9:01 PM. I need to climb the stairs all the way up then down to get on the other side of the station (I’m on the northbound side). Not Nice. Check elevator. Going up. Matagal pa babalik. Not nice. Okay fine. I’ll climb.

9:10 PM. I arrived at the southbound side panting. I need exercise. Soon. The train just departed. Sayang!

9:11 PM. Checked my MRT card. Wala. Asan na yun!? I always have MRT and LRT cards with me, but that time wala. I searched my whole bag.

9:15 PM. Finally admitted to myself that I must have left my cards. I bought a card. Train is now approaching. Teller is slow. Government employees suck!

9:18 PM. I ran to the train.

9:19 PM. I just missed the train.

9:21 PM. Sana dumating agad ang train.

9:22 PM. No train. Makakahabol pa kaya ako sa LRT?

9:25 PM. No train. Inis na me. I listened to Boys Night Out (in Magic FM) para mawala ang inis.

9:30 PM. No train. Hindi na ako makakaabot sa LRT! Argh! I decided to ride all the way to Taft then back to North Ave Station.

9:35 PM. Train arrived finally. I got inside quickly.

9:38 PM. Train arrived at Taft Station. I didn’t go out. Took a seat quickly and took a nap. A multitude of people got inside in a rush. Whatever. No need to be a gentleman this time. Nice guys finish last. Inis me eh.

9:45 PM. Mantrade Station South Bound. Naalimpungatan ako. Wait… There’s something wrong. Why the hell is this coach full of females? Oh fuck! This coach is for FEMALES ONLY!

9:46 PM. Double check. Still all females. Majority of them is looking at me. Immediately bowed my head and pretended to sleep. OMG! What stupidity have I done!? Will I go out the train and transfer to the other coach? Train is now closing its door. Damn! Please kill me now!

9:47 PM. Train departs. I decided to stand my ground. I just wished the guards won’t notice me and no one from the females will have the guts to tell me I need to transfer. Do I need to offer my seat to them? If I stand, everyone will see me and my gender. Not a good idea.

9:50 PM. Ayala station. More female passengers rushed in. Someone’s bag is tossed in my head. Ouch! I still pretended to be sleeping.

9:55 PM. Buendia Station.  Someone’s leg is rubbing against mine. Nice. I remembered my predicament. Not nice.

10:05 PM. I forgot what station I’m now. Heard from a lady talking in the phone that she’s in Shaw station. I heard the operator: Boni station. Liar! I hope her bf/husband pulls her tongue.

10:08 PM. Seconds seemed like minutes and minutes seemed like hours. This is my longest MRT ride. Sana North Ave na!

10:12 PM. I just thought, what if the whole world ends tonight and this coach will be the only survivor? Will they make me king? I smiled at the thought that maybe they’ll make me a sex slave. Being a sex slave is way better than a king. This is the only time I smiled in the whole trip.

10:13 PM. Back to reality. Enough with the sex slave thing. I thought these women hate me with their guts. Maybe they’ll throw me in the rails if they can get away with it.

10:20 PM. Cubao Station. Yes! Malapit na! I took a peep. I wished there’s another idiot guy who enters the coach. Then we’ll split up the accumulated hate from these women. None. Still all ladies’ legs. I thought of pretending to be disabled when I get out of the coach. That way, they will forgive me. Or even pity me.

10:21 PM. I decided against it. I’m humiliated enough. No need to be a polio victim.

10:30 PM. Approaching North Avenue Station. I “woke up”. I still got disgusted looks especially from the lady in front of me.

10:31 PM. North Avenue Station. Yes! I got up as quickly as I could. I couldn’t get out quickly as few ladies blocked my path. I still got some questioning looks in the platform. Well I just imagined they’re nobody and went straight out as quickly as hell. I’m awesome. Or stupid.


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  1. natawa ko dito hahaha…

  2. haha.. it’s now published.. wow! nabasa ko lang to last time sa email.. 😀

    • So it is! Nangahas ako noong magsend ng aking drafts (future posts) sa inyo. Ngayon lang ako naglakas loob na ituloy ang pagblog. I hope you appreciate it. 🙂

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