…and we thought all mothers are mothers

Occured: July 5, 2011 (US time)
Written: July 6, 2011 (Manila time)

A sad day for all the loving mothers today. Hindi lang pala sa Pinas katawa tawa ang justice system. Ilang taon ko tong sinubaybayan only to be disappointed. I’m not in a position to judge. Just my two cents. If I only have the power, I’d gladly trade ten irresponsible parents for just one innocent kid’s life. RIP Caylee.


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  1. I know. It broke my heart to read about the acqcuittal of Casey this morning. I truly hope that Caylee’s memory won’t let her get away with this.

    Pag may involved nang mga bata sa usapan, nadudurog ang puso ko agad. ayokong nakakakita ng mga batang pinababayaan. Kahit pa gaano kahirap magalaga ng anak, Kids should be treated as treasures. Nobody said that being a parent is a walk in the park. I became a mom at a relatively young age but that moment gave me my direction in life…Instead of wanting to party, I just wanted to nurture my baby and make life good for her. Having two after her only made my resolve stronger to be a good mother as much as possible.

    But then, we’re not all alike and certainly Caylee’s mother belongs to this group. I just pray no child would suffer in the hands of their mothers anymore. If indeed, she was accidentally killed because of drowning or whatever story they came up with, the mere fact that her mother neglected to report her death only tells you the kind of character she has.

    Ang sabi lang, don’t judge daw…but in this case, how can’t I? 😦

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. 🙂

  3. and now, Casey Anthony’s going to be an instant millionaire with all the book (probabl even TV/movie deals) that will be thrown her way.

    This is total injustice and it pains me to see it end this way.

    RIP Caylee.

    • Nakakaasar lang di ba? di gumana ang legal strategy ng mga prosecutors. and now, double jeopardy will set in pag kakasuhan uli. casey is now almost free from murder unless may additional incriminating evidence which i doubt kung meron.

      • Exactly! Hindi ko alam saang kamay ng Diyos kukunin ng mga prosecutors yung mga additional evidence. With all this circus going on – may isang bata sa langit na hanggang ngayon, naghihintay ng sagot. 😦

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