M.I.L.F. – a serious post

Occurred: These past few weeks
Written: October 21, 2011

• 19 soldiers died and 14 more were wounded when they were lured into a trap and deliberately fired upon by MILF personnel.
• 6 soldiers were injured and captured alive by the MILF only to be found dead few hours later.
• The area is 4kms away from the nearest MILF-held territory. MILF insists that soldiers entered their camps.
• Another 7 soldiers were killed and 7 more wounded in a separate ambush by MILF in Zamboanga.
• According to Col. Antonio Parlade Jr, Phil. Army spokesman, there have been numerous deadly encounters in the past (three in Sulu, three in Basilan, and two in Maguindanao) where government suffered many casualties.
• MILF openly admits that they carry out the attacks.
• PNoy don’t want to pursue an all-out war on MILF. He said there is an ongoing peace process. A peace process that only the government is pursuing.
• MILF is gesturing peace in one hand but the hidden hand is holding a gun.
October 23 update: Another seven were killed and scores wounded (some critically) in latest MILF attacks. Other fatalities are even civilians!

Option No 1: Keep the status quo. Continue the peace process. Here’s what I think will happen.

“Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.”

Circa 70’s. MILF is a separatist faction of MNLF. MNLF and PHL signed the Final Peace Agreement last Sept 2, 1996. Despite the peace deal, there is still the MILF that is waging a rebellion. They want to create an Islamic state of their own.

Present day. MILF and PHL are in talks of a peace process. PNoy even personally met with the MILF Chairman in Tokyo to show that the government is sincere.

Ameril Ombra Kato, one of the toughest leaders of MILF, has recently decided to leave the extremist group and announced the creation of a new armed movement. Its goal is to continue the war against the Philippine military and to make Mindanao an independent Islamic state. The Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) has already attracted membership of over one thousand Muslim guerrillas. According to the source the idea of fighting for an independent Islamic state is still strong among Islamic militants and many would follow Kato.

If and when a peace process is attained between MILF and PHL, other members of the MILF will just transfer to BIFF as what they did previously. Let’s face it. These men are warriors and war is their way of life. These guys eat bullets for dinner! If ever peace is attained, they will just find a way to fight again. Point of reason: where do we find ridos (clan wars) and commanders fighting each other? Its only in their place (I am avoiding naming the whole of Mindanao for obvious reasons). A civilian life is not an option to them.

Conclusion: This cycle goes on forever and PHL will just be fooled again.

Option No 2: Wage an all-out war and pulverize them.

Many will die. Of course. But it’s a one-time sacrifice. I’m 99% sure that our soldiers are more willing to do this. In fact, they are crying for revenge for their fallen comrades. Only generals in the headquarters are against it (You see, budget that can be pocketed during peacetime will be allocated for war expenditures). I, for certain, am willing to join if and only PHL will call on reservists (train me!). This will teach the MILF and their friends, the Abu Sayyaf and Pentagon Gang a lesson.

MILF will send their special operations group to havoc terror in Manila, Davao, Cebu, Zamboanga, etc. These activities will include bombings like the Rizal day, Glorietta and numerous bus bombings. I’m fine with it. It’s a bitter pill that the populace I believe will accept.

After these warmongers are depleted, raise the new generation differently. Do not leave them behind. Give the land and its benefits that is rightfully theirs. That way, they won’t need to look for an armed option.

No more rebellion in the south. Progress can finally come to that war-ravaged land. That area is teeming with rich natural resources. FYI: the land in that area is very fertile. The most delicious fruits come from there. Vast reserve of oil has also been recently discovered along the coast of Sulu.

One more thing, PHL’s population will decrease. Yey! Let us all be honest and realistic. A lesser population means more funds, thus better social services for the populace. Humanity will attain the 7 billion mark this October 31. And what better way to decrease it by neutralizing those warmongers and coward pricks!

Again, I’m so gonna die for this! Lols!


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  1. pulbusin na natin yang mga avu sayyaf na yan! sayang kung naging Presidente lang natin si FPJ, hindi uubra ang kasamaan ng mga yan.

    • i doubt kung nangyari un pre.. di ba, namatay din agad si FPJ? kung si noli ang pumalit, itutuloy kaya nya ang nasimulan ni FPJ?

      sayang nga, sana napulbos agad ni erap nung term nya bago sya napatalsik.

  2. I wonder why Pnoy wants to turn his head towards the abu sayyaf when the milf already admitted responsibility for the recent events. eto na naman. he wants to insult the people’s intelligence. i also believe that the peace negotiations are one-sided. problem with pnoy is his being passive and inability to make firm and wise decisions. Unfortunately again, I will be seen as a pnoy detractor who does nothing but complain against the present administration. so be it.

    oh, I just remembered. we shouldn’t blame pnoy for what is happening now. with or without the peace negotiations, it’s never his fault. it’s always the past administration’s. kasalanan ng mga arroyos na maraming mga minasaker ang MILF recently and they aren’t stopping anytime. that’s always the case, anyway. lol.

    • i understand the dilemma of PNoy right now. kailangan nyang timbangin ang desisyon nya without disappointing either the extremist right or left.

      here’s what im reading from them so far: PNoy and the military is telling us that they are after the abu sayyaf and rogue rebels, but if ever MILF intervenes, they are willing to slug it out with them. akala ng publiko (at anti-war advocates) ay totoo yun pero ang totoo ay nakikipagbakbakan na ang mga sundalo natin sa MILF. on the other hand, na-appease at nawala ang gigil ng mga sundalong makaganti. it’s like telling the military, we won’t tell the public that we are going all out war. sabihin nating all out justice to but we will bomb all rebels whether abu sayyaf or MILF yan kapag wala sila sa identified camps nila. PERO kulang pa rin yan kasi itatago lang ng MILF ung rogue commanders nila at hinding hindi isusuko sa government. just my two cents. 😀

      • why don’t we just call a spade a spade because in all reality, if pnoy and his people think they could fool anybody, then again, they are just insulting our intelligence. I’m pretty sure the other party would see it for what it really is, so just do whatever needs to be done to destabilize them. after all, alam naman natin kung gaano katraydor ang mga yun. no peace process would progress because in the first place, what they want is so different from what the government wants. i don’t believe either party would adhere to the other’s wishes.

        on another note, tama talaga ako sa sinabi ko. they are again putting the blame on the past administration. the P5M they handed over to the MILF for the supposed bangsamoro leadership Institute they say, is just a fulfillment of the past administration’s commitment to MILF which was made in 2006, effectively washing their hands of the responsibility for the chismis that the P5 Million was used to purchase what the MILF needs to wage war against the government. parang tanga lang talaga. ansarap palang makipagdeal sa arroyo government noon kasi kundi man nagkaron ng katuparan during arroyo’s time, e tutuparin naman lahat ni pnoy. just saying. lol. 🙂

        • not only the govt is providing the funds, the military is also selling guns and ammunitions to them. remember what Sen Trillanes and the Magdalo were saying then? 😀

      • yeah, which, if I remember it right, was also later on blamed on the past admin when, on the onset, they were actually blaming their ranks for those. 🙂

        i am just saying that when it’s convenient for the incumbent admin to pass the blame on to the past admin, they do so. thing is, the present government rejected contracts entered into by the past admin, yet this one, they honored. so they really can’t keep tongues from wagging and blaming them for the recent events involving MILF.

        ang malungkot, habang nagpapatintero sila, napakaraming inosenteng nadadamay. 😦 matigil na sana ang lahat ng kaguluhan. pulbusin na ang mga nanggugulo sa bayan. hahahahah! lagot. baka isa ako dun sa mapulbos. 🙂

        • honestly, i dont see no problems with that. if i’m one of the problems and if my demise will lead to a fresh start, i can die with a smile. if i can recall it right, parang sinabi ni Simoun sa El Filibusterismo ang linyang, “sana malupig ang lahat ng problema sa bayang ito para mapalitan ng bagong henerasyong mas karapat dapat na magmana at magtaguyod ng bayang ito.” or something to that effect. 😀

      • naku ayoko pa mamatay. tatlo anak ko. kawawa naman if I die now. hindi ako hero material para sa bayan. hahaha!

        sige, uwi muna dito, apollo. sumabak ka na sa MILF. 🙂

  3. nakakalungkot naman ang mga ganitong kaganapan sa pinas… sana matuto na tayo sa lalong madaling panahon…

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