Random Things I learned Last Week

Occurred: 7th week of 2012
Written: Feb 17, 2012

Juan Luna. I just learned that Juan Luna is a murderer. As Ambeth Ocampo narrates, “In a fit of jealousy, anger and other emotions that mixed into a lethal cocktail called rage, Luna shot and killed his wife Paz and his mother-in-law Juliana Gorricho. He also shot his brother-in-law Dr. Felix Pardo de Tavera who tried to intervene, Felix survived with a wound on his chest. So sensational was this story that Paris feasted on it, but it is seldom mentioned in our textbooks where Juan Luna, the artist who created the moving allegory of the colonial condition “Spoliarium,” is memorialized as a patriot. We cannot have a murderer as one of our National Heroes, so the story has been retold with Luna “accidentally” shooting these women through a locked door he tried to open with a revolver rather than keys!”

I am inclined to ask how many times did our schools/education system “manipulate” the truth just to bring only the good side of our heroes. It reminds me that heroes are humans too. Another case in point: How many of us knows that Andres Bonifacio’s death was a result of early Filipino politics? He was sentenced to death (by the Aguinaldo kangaroo court) and killed by Filipino soldiers because of treason.


Blackout poetry. This is a new kind of art I learned from Addie. You get a page of newspaper (or a book), blackened the whole thing, except for some words you like. Then you “stitched” the words to form a poem. Interesting.


Carpet muncher. My officemate is working from home since he had his carpet installed at home. Upon learning this, Roy asked Sunil (an Indian co-worker) to ping him. He dictated to Sunil what he’s gonna say. Here’s their conversation:

Sunil: So how’s the carpet?
Co-worker: It’s okay. They’re installing it now.
Sunil: Are you munching on it?
Co-worker: Haha! Nice one Roy!
*Co-worker immediately knows that Roy is the one “pinging” him since there’s no way Sunil will ping him about that.

All that time, Sunil didn’t have the idea what was that about. Later that he (and me too) learned that carpet muncher refers to a lesbian. We had a good laugh about it. We meant no offense guys.

Last Friday on our way home, Roy added a joke about the carpet thing. He said, “If you happen to meet a red-haired or blond gal, you may want to ask her if the carpet matches the drapes.” Lols!


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  1. oh my .. ngayon ko lng din nalaman na murderer si juan luna.


  2. uso naman talaga yang ganiyan diba karamihan ng istorya manipulated pero hindi naman nakakabigla dahil di naman dahil bayani hindi na nakagagawa ng kalokohan kaso nakakalungkot lang pag nalaman mo na nga ano ba talaga ang buong kwento matapos maniwala ng buong pilipinas na bayani nga sila. black out poetry sounds great! i will try it too and update you of the outcome. at huli, salamat sa pagpapatawa sakin about sa carpet na yan 😀

  3. Prang inde ko na konek si Juan Luna at si carpet muncher….. 😦
    pero napa isip ako sa carpet ah… Napa… Ano yun? Biglang… Ah…..(bastus!!!)

  4. Thanks again for the info, Koya Kem.
    Basta ang alam ko lang, anak ni Rizal si Hitler!

  5. mamamatay tao pala si Juan Luna.. ang alam ko lang yung kay Bonifacio.. salamat sa karagdagang impormasyon.. ehehehehe ang alam ko sa carpet muncher ay yung kumakain ng “ehem”.. iba pala ibig sabihin nun..

  6. naku! idol ko pa naman si Juan Luna.,..murderer pala…

  7. I also didn’t know Juan Luna is a murderer. I think it’s a crime of passion. But then, artists have their own neurotic tendencies. I’m just amazed how gruesome it is when it comes to Juan Luna.

  8. punyeta, nawala ‘yung pagkahaba-habang comment ko.

    ano na lang, ahm…pag artist talaga, it’s complicated. gaya ni van gogh at ang tapyas na tenga niya at ni sylvia plath na mas piniling gawing inihaw ang ulo sa oven.

    tingin ko mas may bayag si bonifacio para maging unang pangulo ng unang republika ng pilipinas kesa kay aguinaldo.

  9. nabasa ko ‘yan sa libro ni Ambeth na Luna’s Moustache.
    marami pa ngang bagay sa kasaysayan natin na tinago na ng sistema, kaya nga mahalagang magsaliksik pa rin tayo sa labas ng mga konteksto ng bawat librong nabasa na natin.
    tsaka gusto ko rin yung article ni Ambeth tungkol sa pagbisita ng Beatles dito sa Manila. la lungs. may ma-i-comment lang. lols

    • ah oo. nabasa ko din ung article nya tungkol sa beatles. yung hinarrass pa daw sila sa airport dahil inisnab nila si imelda (or something like that). haha!

  10. Kagaya ni Luna, si rizal dami ring flaws, which made me think if saints have also some flaws sometime in their lives..
    tagal ko nang alam yang about kay Luna…..eh syempre, nasa bloodline na rin namin ang Luna…ahahhhaa….check mo yung middle name ko sa outlook natin.ahahhaaa
    hindi ko gets yung carpet….ahahhaa

    • kamag-anak mo pala siya. hehe!

      ngye! ikaw pa naman ang ineexpect kong unang unang makakuha ng ibig sabihin ng carpet. alam ko kasi lagi mong meryenda yun. lolsjoooke!

  11. E si Antonio Luna at ang nawawalang yaman ng bansa, san napunta? ahehehehe.

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