Special To Do List Series

Written: March 5, 2013

If you’re filthy rich, buy all condoms on the afternoon of February 13. Enjoy watching a nation crumble due to unwanted pregnancies. Muhahaha!

Kamtutinkopit, this can be a good (non)military  strategy towards a western enemy nation. I’m so going to hell for this.



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  1. Apir tayo jan! Ahahahahaha! Napaka husay ng pag-iisip mo apollo!! Isa kang henyo!

  2. Maganda yan! Susuportahan ko yan. At dahil dyan, mangangarag ng bonggs ang mga nurses and doctors sa November!

  3. Or resell the rubber at triple the price. Magandang business venture. Then prick holes in each one. Para evil pa rin LOL.

  4. henyo tlaga!! :hahaha

    Walang halong bitternes ang post n to tungkol sa balentayms no?? pramis?? :p

  5. Ayos to pre. just don’t do it in germany, italy, russia (or some other Euro countries who are experiencing great decline of economy due to imbalanced demography) or even to the mighty US of A. Hindi yan magiging effective, baka matuwa pa ang government sa yo. Kailangan na nila magparami eh. 🙂

  6. Nice joke to brighten people’s day

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