Mayaman na kasi ang aking bayan

Written: Mar 13, 2014

Fact No. 1:
Section 18, Article 6 of the procurement law (RA 9184) states: “Specifications for the procurement of goods shall be based on relevant characteristics and/or performance requirements. Reference to brand names shall NOT be allowed.”

Fact No. 2:
The Nueva Vizcaya board’s invitation to bid specifically require the exact engine name which is unfortunately tied to specific vehicle brands such as:

  • 2.5 GLX Non-VGT – Mitsubishi Montero
  • 2KD-FTV – 4X2 Toyota Fortuner
  • 4×4 4JJ1ITEQ – Isuzu Alterra
  • DOHC 16 valve VN Turbo Intercooler CRDI – high end model of Toyota Fortuner

Fact No. 3:
The law (RA 9184) requires that all that the end-user should enumerate in an invitation to bid are MINIMUM specifications that will meet the needs of the office.

And here’s my two cents. Please bear with me.

  • The board members are saying that these vehicles are not for their luxury but a “necessity”. This is absurd! I can’t seem to fathom the logic behind this.
  • I agree that our honorable board members need vehicles in order for them to perform their duties. (This is debatable since the extreme left would say our public servants should live amongst us. Meaning they should use public transportation.) I think they DONT have the right to decide based on specific brands (and specific engine name) they want. Are these vehicles supposed to be high-end? Are they supposed to be SUVs? As far as I know, even an ordinary Toyota Corolla can traverse the steep peaks of our Dalton Pass. “Oh but I need SUV since I have a lot of staffs and I need them always with me!” Here’s an advice buddy: use a van!
  • Please remember that these vehicles are for their office and NOT for the personalities. For example: if board member A is given a Toyota Fortuner, what happens after his term? If he is not reelected and the new board member wants a Mitsubishi Montero, what will happen to the Fortuner? Shall we buy a new Montero for the new board member? If I am a new board member, of course I will want another brand to ensure that a NEW vehicle is given to me. Got my point?
  • I am not against any personality here (I don’t even know all the politicians in Nueva Vizcaya right now). I just wish that our politicians be sensitive to our people’s needs. If we stick to the minimum requirements, I’m pretty sure that there’s a lot that we can save. This savings can then be appropriated to classrooms in the hinterlands. Or roads. Or to taurpaulins bearing their names. Naaah! Just joking on the last one. 😀
  • They are saying that this bidding is aboveboard. If so, I’m asking our honorable board members to explain their justification of buying these high end vehicles. Maybe there really is a valid reason why an ordinary car cannot be used in serving our fellow Vizcayanos. And after you bought these vehicles, I am begging you as a paying taxpayer. Please, please, please on the next election, please tell us, your constituents directly to our faces – “Gummatang ngak apo iti napintas nga lugan nga agbalor ti PHP1.5 milyon uray ammok nga makagatang ngak iti nalaklaka ken maitid ko ajay sobra nga kuwarta iti pampatakder iti eskuwelahan. Inaramid ko atoy gamin legal met daytoy.” (I bought a high end vehicle worth Php1.5 million even though I know that I can use a much cheaper one. I know that the savings could have helped in building classrooms but I acted against it because it is legal.)

Mabuhey! Oh, pardon my sleng, it’s mabuhay!

This post is my reaction to the news article that I read on that day.


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  1. pare. everyday i stare and laugh at these documents. yes ridiculous sometimes (no brands nga pwede naman lagyan ng laptoop ‘Transformer’) but it’s not just an office policy. it’s a goddamn law. you try to mess a detail or a procedure, COA will suck the soul of you.

  2. they were elected to serve.. not to be served… i would suggest jeep nalang. para marami ang masasakay… lol

    everything is overpriced sa government.. the last time I was able to observe a government meeting here in my province they allotted 150k php for 4sets of computers (PC). like. WHAT?

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