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Israeli-Palestinian Relationship 101

Written: July 15, 2014

Here are the FACTS on this recent tension in Israel:
– 3 Jewish citizens murdered by terrorists (this is the cause of this recent escalation)
– Israel has iron dome so most of the rockets from the terrorists are intercepted or if not, they fall in unpopulated areas.

– 1 teenager murdered and burned as retaliation of the murder of 3 Jewish teenagers.
– 160+ dead with 70% civilian fatalities (at least 40 children and women dead) after the escalation.
– Many homes bombed and demolished by Israeli forces (escalation or not, this is an ongoing activity).
– Gaza Strip, West Bank and Golan Heights has no defense from Israel airstrikes.
– Although Hamas currently controls the government of Gaza, Israel can control the economy and basic services of Gaza anytime they want. They can impose blockades of goods movement or turn off water/basic services.

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