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Syria Crisis 101

Occurring: Now
Written: Aug 28, 2013

The Syrian civil war started with the recent Arab Spring last March, 2011. When people started demonstrating against Pres. Bashar al-Assad’s government, his response was quick and bloody. His military crackdown quelled the uprising that evolved into a civil war. Majority of the populace is Sunni Muslims while the government is made up of mostly Alawites (a form of Shia Islam). FYI: Sunni and Shia are rival factions/denominations within Islam.
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Special To Do List Series 2

Written: Aug 19, 2013

Sa susunod na pupunta ako sa airport dito sa Minnesota, eto ang magiging itsura ko. Tatambay ako sa arrival area tapos itataas ko ang papel na yan. This is my dress rehearsal in my room. Please pray for my soul. Lols!