Israeli-Palestinian Relationship 101

Written: July 15, 2014

Here are the FACTS on this recent tension in Israel:
– 3 Jewish citizens murdered by terrorists (this is the cause of this recent escalation)
– Israel has iron dome so most of the rockets from the terrorists are intercepted or if not, they fall in unpopulated areas.

– 1 teenager murdered and burned as retaliation of the murder of 3 Jewish teenagers.
– 160+ dead with 70% civilian fatalities (at least 40 children and women dead) after the escalation.
– Many homes bombed and demolished by Israeli forces (escalation or not, this is an ongoing activity).
– Gaza Strip, West Bank and Golan Heights has no defense from Israel airstrikes.
– Although Hamas currently controls the government of Gaza, Israel can control the economy and basic services of Gaza anytime they want. They can impose blockades of goods movement or turn off water/basic services.

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Mayaman na kasi ang aking bayan

Written: Mar 13, 2014

Fact No. 1:
Section 18, Article 6 of the procurement law (RA 9184) states: “Specifications for the procurement of goods shall be based on relevant characteristics and/or performance requirements. Reference to brand names shall NOT be allowed.”

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Countries with their slogans

America: Freedom for everyone.* (*Terms and conditions apply.)
Canada: Hey, we’re all friends. until the puck drops…
Germany: that was ages ago man, look at our cars
England: It’s always 1850 somewhere.
Switzerland: As long as we’re okay, we couldn’t give a fuck about anyone else.
The Netherlands: Sex, Drugs, and Cheese
France: You know that thing your girlfriend does? She learned it here.
Norway: Our schoolchildren beat your marines in a snowball fight.
Finland: Russia fucked with us… once.
Ukraine: We’re revolting! No seriously, send help!
Iceland: Pretty Cool
Sweden: Built on meatballs and Ikea allen wrenches
Belgium : We don’t even understand ourselves
Poland: Smart Enough To Build A Country Right Between Germany And Russia
Russia: Everything looks better with a drink!
Romania: Our vampires don’t sparkle!
Georgia: no not the one in America
Sealand: No, we’re a country, I promise!
Austria: Not Australia! Not Australia! NOT AUSTRALIA!!!
Brazil: Go for a run because it’s beautiful outside. Keep running because of a drive by shooting.
Chile: Pacific-blocking Argentina for two centuries.
Venezuela: The real danger is… well, everything.
Jamaica: We have a bobsled team
Cuba: Row row row your boat!
Greece: Western Civilization from cradle to grave
Iran: For the last fucking time, we’re not Arabs.
Nigeria: Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I have the believe you are a reputable and responsible and trustworthy person I can do business with from the little information so far I gathered about you during my search for a partner and by matter of trust I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business. I am the only son of millionaire man. Before the death of my father he told me that he has a sum of US$9,000,000(Nine million united states dollars) kept in a private security company here.
North Korea: Best Korea
China: we come from a long line of assembly.
Vietnam: Best food, pho real.
Israel: fuck you, I do what I want.
Japan: Fuck you, whaaale! Fuck you, dolphiiin!
India: Hi I’m Dave from AT&T. How may I help you?
India: Everyone is already here
Middle Earth: The country previously known as New Zealand.
New Zealand: Where the men are men, the women are scarce, and the sheep are nervous
Australia: What does not kill you, does not exist in this land
Thailand: The best looking girls are guys.
United Arab Emirates – Las Vegas on steroids
Philippines: Our politicians are dumber and more corrupt than your politicians!
Philippines: At this rate, everyone in the world will be part Filipino.

Noche Buena

Occurred: College Days
Written: Dec 19, 2013

College student ako noon. Nasa jeep ako nung may mga batang nangaroling. Eto ang mga batang sumasampa sa mga jeep, kakanta at manghihingi ng mga barya.

Noche buena ang kinanta nila.

“Kay sigla ng gabi, ang lahat ay kay saya
Nagluto si Ate ng manok na tinola”

Hindi ko na matandaan kung ano ang iniisip ko noon. Bigla ko na lang sinagot ang bata nang wala sa loob ko.

“Buti nga kayo may handang tinola. Ako, wala pang allowance na dumarating.”

Nagtawanan ang buong jeep at ako ang pinagtatawanan nila. Hindi ko namalayan na napalakas pala ang boses ko.

At mabuti na lang mga bata ang nangangaroling. Kung may edad na sila, baka nagulpi ako.


p.s. Salamat sa post ni Glentot dahil bigla kong naalala itong kuwentong to.


Occurred: Nov 2013
Written: Nov 12, 2013

  • Problema: Walang tubig na mainom ang mga nasalanta ng bagyong Yolanda o ng lindol sa Bohol
  • Solusyon: Portable desalination plants
  • Ano ang desalination plant? Eto ay isang kagamitan na nagtatanggal ng asin mula sa tubig dagat upang ito ay pwedeng mainom ng mga tao. Papasok ang tubig dagat sa makina, ito’y maproproseso at voila! Paglabas ng tubig, pwede ng inumin ng tao ang tubig. Ito ang ginagamit ng mga malalaking barko at aircraft carriers ng US dahil nagtatagal sila ng ilang buwan sa laot. Ginagamit din siya ng mga bansang gaya ng Saudi Arabia.

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edi sunog tayo nun!

Occurred: Oct 9, 2013
Written: Oct 10, 2013

May fire drill kami nung isang araw dito sa aming sakahan. Pagtunog ng alarm, nagyaya ang dayuhang kasama ko.

x: let’s go to the basement/bunker quick!
spidey: aren’t we supposed to go outside?
x: but we went there last time.
spidey: ahm, that was a tornado drill
x: oh, my bad! hahaha!

sasagot sana ako ng “it’s okay” pero nadulas ako at nasabing: “at aking napatunayan na wala ngang kinikilalang nasyonalidad ang katangahan”.


Syria Crisis 101

Occurring: Now
Written: Aug 28, 2013

The Syrian civil war started with the recent Arab Spring last March, 2011. When people started demonstrating against Pres. Bashar al-Assad’s government, his response was quick and bloody. His military crackdown quelled the uprising that evolved into a civil war. Majority of the populace is Sunni Muslims while the government is made up of mostly Alawites (a form of Shia Islam). FYI: Sunni and Shia are rival factions/denominations within Islam.
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