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me and my big mouth

Written: April 25, 2013

A short analysis. I’m pretty surprised why this idea has not floated yet.

  • A presidential candidate needs at least a billion pesos to fund a decent national campaign. This is a fact.
  • VP Binay is very open in admitting to have plans in running for presidency next election.
  • Out of the blue (and without any past government position and experience), Nancy is running for a Senate post. This is a fact.
  • A senator is entitled 200M of PDAF (pork barrel) per year. I repeat, PER YEAR. This is a fact.

Connect the dots people. Connect the dots…

Again, I’m so gonna die for this. Lols!


Welcome sunshine!

Occurred: Apr 16, 2013
Written: Apr 16, 2013

Kanina nung nasa bus ako papasok sa office. Tahimik akong nagbabasa sa cellphone ko nung may pumarang babae. Pagtapat niya sa akin may nalaglag na card. Kasabay din nito ang pagsigaw ng ibang pasahero. Tinatawag kasi nila ang pansin nung babae. Ang kaso, ambilis bumaba nung babae. Nagmamadali ata. Pati yung driver na matanda, nakisigaw na rin pero di pa rin narinig. Read the rest of this entry