Israeli-Palestinian Relationship 101

Written: July 15, 2014

Here are the FACTS on this recent tension in Israel:
– 3 Jewish citizens murdered by terrorists (this is the cause of this recent escalation)
– Israel has iron dome so most of the rockets from the terrorists are intercepted or if not, they fall in unpopulated areas.

– 1 teenager murdered and burned as retaliation of the murder of 3 Jewish teenagers.
– 160+ dead with 70% civilian fatalities (at least 40 children and women dead) after the escalation.
– Many homes bombed and demolished by Israeli forces (escalation or not, this is an ongoing activity).
– Gaza Strip, West Bank and Golan Heights has no defense from Israel airstrikes.
– Although Hamas currently controls the government of Gaza, Israel can control the economy and basic services of Gaza anytime they want. They can impose blockades of goods movement or turn off water/basic services.

I support the right of Israel to protect its citizen. Yun nga lang, laging OA ang reaction nila. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more biased for Israel because of “Christianity” and maraming OFW ang nasa Israel but lately, it’s very hard to turn the other cheek kung sobra na ang ginagawa ng Israel.

Yes, Israel is protecting their citizen against the terrorists. Now i ask you this: do you know what is really happening in Gaza and West Bank during “peace time”? When these terrorists are not sending crude rockets to Israel?
– Israel is continuously doing a land grab especially in East Jerusalem. They demolish Arab/Palestinian houses and replace it with Jewish settlements much to chagrin of the international community. Israel believes that future division of Jerusalem will be based on the racial/religion-based population they are slowly building.
– Israel built a wall separating West Bank and Israel to deter suicide bombings by terrorists. This is a modern day racial segregation. This limits the basic and economic freedom of Palestinians including Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. Imagine you’re an Ilocano and Manilenos won’t allow you to work in Manila even though you pay taxes in Manila. What will you feel? Why do you think they are lenient with Christians in Jerusalem? It’s because we’re supporting them! What will you feel when they get Israel to themselves and they start prohibiting Christians from visiting their holy ground? They can do it to our Muslim brothers why not to Christians? Come to think of it.

These two examples are against international law. Even the US, UN and the international community cannot do anything about it.

The “Christians” are saying Israel belongs to the Jewish people. This is not an excuse to the creeping land invasion. There must be just compensation for the lands they grab. Let me give you an analogy: majority of Philippines was once part of Muslim sultanates spanning the present countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Timor Leste of South-East Asia. So you’re saying we should also give back our lands to the Muslims? Should we allow them to just demolish our houses with us still inside our homes? Should we allow them to take our properties without just compensation? That is what they’re doing right now people! If you agree to them, then let’s give our property to our Muslim brothers.

Now, who needs more help? Israel who lost 3 Jewish teenagers, or Palestine who lost hundreds of lives and properties? Yes let’s support Israel but let’s also support the Palestinians who are not terrorists and just want to live in peace.

This conflict has been ongoing since the time of David. No one can say which side is right or wrong. Both sides should just learn to live side by side in peace. It’s very easy to believe some documentaries, videos or even comics that are biased because we are Christian. I am also guilty of this. Don’t let our religion blind us to what is really happening in the holy land. Basic human rights transcend religion.

Amen? Amen.

Let us learn from history. Some recent articles to help you understand more:


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